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A Take on Bondi

By Bondi Beach

Definitely have been procrastinating more than I wanted to this trip. It’s December 7 and I’m finally getting around to posting about Sydney. After this I’ll go ahead and upload a quick recap of Melbourne. Retroactively off course. ūüôā

Bondi Beach One Paragraph Recap

The beach itself is pretty awesome. Interesting neighborhood dynamic seemingly mostly¬†made up of young sunshine loving day walkers. Everyone looks great and when the sun comes out the neighborhood eat spots are stacked with their presence! In fact, you’d think that it was a requirement to hit the gym 5-days a week in order to live in¬†the neighborhood. Libby made it out to the beach around 6 am and told me that the shore was filled¬†with various boot-camp groups exercising. Oh and let’s not forget the yoga factions; ¬†they were right there at dawn in the tree pose!

What Did the One Kiwi Statue Say To The Other Kiwi Statue?


Hey. Iss-that-you mate?
You have to say it quickly with a New Zealand accent…

A couple of days in town and we landed on¬†the driver who thought he was auditioning for Saturday Night Live- corny but funny enough. Sydney people are unpredictable; a dash of introverts here, a tad of extroverts there… Overall though it strikes me as a place where most people take a while to warm up to you.

During our brief stay, we managed to make a few solid memories even though, for very long stretches the weather was very uncooperative. Stumbled on a wine festival, checked out a bunch of different food spots, did happy hour a couple times, sampled oodles of local wines and checked out The Newton Festival (don’t really remember the deats but feel free to check out the link).

Newton Fest

Wait… There’s more!

Libby and an arrow

Vino Festival

It’s My Birthday


Woke up this morning (16 hours ahead of EST in the futuuure) to a few happy birthday emails and text messages that put a huge smile on my face. I’m not a b-day guy so at that point I was more than set to have a perfect day.

Libby comes back to apt from her morning walk and sends me off to the bedroom- apparently she has a surprise and needs to set up in the living room. Like Halloween, birthdays, to her, are sacrosanct and with that celebrations are a must. Whatever. I play along, even though I was in the middle of reading some important stuff.

Minutes pass. I come back out to a table set up with tiramisu (my favorite), a few other pastries, an open laptop screen and a lighter for me to blow out.
“Since you couldn’t be with your friends for your birthday, I decided to bring your friends to you.”

Apparently, in just over 48 hours, she managed to collect enough videos and edit them to mount the most epic thoughtful gift ever. She even recorded my reaction!!

My wife is the absolute best!
Love you guys and thank you for making me feel special!!

South Park Gives Uber in Sydney Boost


For transport to our temporary spot in Sydney, we decided to get an Uber. It’s not really that we’re “about that life” and riding Ubers everywhere while away. But rather, time was a precious commodity that day so we did what we had to do. I learned two cool things.

Dash Cams Can Be Useful

Our driver had this mini cam mounted to his window. I’ve never seen one of those so I¬†ask

Me: Yo, is that a rear view cam?
(I say “yo” alot out here to let people know I’m not a local. In case being 1¬†of about 6 black guys in the country didn’t make that obvious)
Driver: Naw mate. That’s a dash cam; I use it to record my driving in case something happens.
Me: What’s the point? Would insurance companies even bother with that stuff given no-fault policies and the bureaucracy?
Driver: Actually it came in pretty useful; the no-fault thing in’t default practice here. Just the other day some guy backed into me and claimed that I hit him. I submitted video and Insurance company ruled in my favor.


Uber dash

In case you were wondering, like I was, video is stored on a memory card and is constantly looped. If you need to save any part of the feed you have the option to manually mark the section.

South Park Influence

Just like in the US, whenever Uber launches in a new city, they face resistance from established taxi companies and policy makers. Just the week before while in Cairns, we heard sound bites of these manifestations on the local new channels.

The interesting bit came when I asked the driver what he thought of the volume, adoption and popularity of the Uber service in Sydney. I was surprised to note that they had launched locally in Sydney about three years prior and that adoption, according to our driver, was so-so only until about 8 months prior when an episode of South Park aired poking fun at the company. What episode you ask? See: South Park: Handicar