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Long Trip Ahead #24Hours

Santa Marta, Columbia to Punta Del Diablo, Uruguay

At airport now (4:30 pm); flight delayed 1 hour. 24 hours to go until final destination…
1- Santa Marta, Columbia to Bogota, Columbia.
Dep: (now) 6:30 pm / Arr: 7:57 pm
2- Bogota, Columbia to Santiago, Chile.
Dep: 10:23 pm / Arr: 6:07 am
3- Santiago, Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Dep: 7:35 am / Arr: 9:30 am
4- Buenos Aires, Argentina to Punta Del Este, Uruguay.
Dep: 11:35 am / Arr: 1:28 pm
5- Drive from Punta Del Este to Punta Del Diablo.
Estimated=> Dep: 2:30pm / Arr: 5:30 pm

Bright Side

Hotel cost for night of Tuesday December 17th= $0

***Update 1***
The 1 hour delay mentioned earlier [in step 1] morphed into 4, which in turn caused a snowball effect that’s made us miss [step 2} and so on… This is now a 24 hour thorn in the ass.
The best Avianca could do is put us on a flight heading to Buenos Aires tonight @ 10pm. –We have a strong suspicion that Avianca purposely cancelled an earlier flight to force passengers on ours– our plane was over 50% empty at check-in that morning.
In the end we lose out on a day in Uruguay. Ahhh, but on the [bright side!], we’ve compiled a few pics of all the bull shit along with a small video of the makeshift mob of passengers that manifested itself at Santa Marta when the news was officially announced.

Two Days Exploring Tayrona National Park

After a rather mellow 4 days in Cartagena, upon arrival in Santa Marta it was all business mode. First evening was spent exploring neighborhood and town. Day 2 & 3 were dedicated to exploring the 58 sq miles that make up Tayrona Park. Created in 1864 the area’s unique flora and fauna, made up two ecosystems between the mountain and sea, is home to a wide variety of species and other forms of life. Indigenous descendants of hunting tribes from the 6 & 7 century still inhabit the area and uphold their ancestor’s traditions; their overall population is estimated at around 3,000. However, the crown jewel of the park are stunning beaches that make up it’s coastline attracting millions of tourists from Columbia as well as abroad.

Day 1

The hardest of the two days consisted of a 2.5 hour hike through the mountains and 4 coastal beaches to make it to Cabo de San Juan de Guía. There visitors -many backpackers– have the option to rest in their laurels after the long trek on the camping grounds or hammocks (you can rent these for the night). Libby and I chilled on the beach for a few hours then headed back through the mountains in the opposite direction– after all this is a honeymoon. #DameMiCama

Day 2

Completely opposite approach from day 1.
Objective: go to Tayrona Park’s Playa Cristal.
=>> Driver picked us up at hotel, got on a small boat and boom we were there. Easy peachy.

Santa Marta with Barry Manillow

Arrived in Santa Marta a few hours ago (2 pm on 12/14) and figured I’d take a few moments to recap the journey here.

I Play Chicken With A Mack Truck
“Ya’ll motherfuckers would of been food”  -Jay-Z

Yeah… well we won that battle all day! Based on his eloquent driving earlier, Jaime, our driver in his mid to late 60’s, obviously feels accomplished enough in life that he could treat the streets of Columbia like a live rendition of Grand Theft Auto. Big cars, little cars, semi trucks, passenger buses, motor bikes, dump truck, tractor trailers– Shit, it didn’t matter! We were in a Michael Bay reenactment of Transformers going against mean, diesel decepticons except we didn’t have Optimus Prime on our team. We were pushing a small Chevy hatchback to it’s limits. RPM were in the red. Tires wobbling on the hot asphalt gaving the car a fresh case of the shakes. With Barry Manilow’s Bermuda Triangle blaring in the background (you really can’t make this shit up…), I briefly wondered if this how it would all end. Snapped these pics in my brief moments of sanity.

We made it one piece. Chevy hatchback-1, Mack truck-0.