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Lockout, Blackout and La Mano

The Car Keys

Yep. Those are the keys in the car.
I’ll take full credit for this cock-up; it was one of those momentary brain farts where as soon as the door shuts, the brain goes “keys!” Ahhhh- But it wasn’t all bad. We were parked right in front of restaurant where we were going to do lunch. Since we immediately realized keys were locked, time management was pretty optimal. Called rental Co. while appetizers were on table; car was unlocked about 10 mins after we took care of check. WTF moment of the day was when we realized we had to take care of locksmith out of pocket. Avis had no spare key and apparently  are unaware of of roadside assistance concept. #Whack

Blackout on Our Block
Wish I could  post a meaningful picture that captured this moment but those things kinda need this thing called light. Made lemonade out of the moment though. Fortunately, we happened to have in our emergency toolkit: a stick of dry salami, cucumber, tomato, a fresh baguette, beer, wine. With a little help from the hotel staff [candle + cutlery], on our balcony, we had ourselves a spontaneous outdoor starlit picnic.

Diablo- Out. Del Este- In

Doggy out

Libby snapped this perfect picture on the road.  It hits home quite well. Beat up but still trucking. Got hit, but heads still high. #Steady

Punta Del Diablo was just a little too mellow for our taste- aside from the beautiful beach, the restaurants and local available activities simply were not up to par. Since we’ve become so accustomed with this “transit” thing of late, we packed up our bags and decided to leave 2 days early to explore Punta Del Este instead. Technically, we got a spot in La Barra, the adjacent town to Punta Del Este. Word is that “that’s where things are happening.”

So far first impressions are paying off quite well. First stop on the journey back (kinda where we can from in the first place) was lunch at La Huela in the resort town of José Ignacio, Uruguay. On ambiance alone this place blew anything Punta Del Diablo had to offer right out the water. Once you bring food into the mix, it’s  a landslide. So far it looks like we’re gonna have our pick of which note to ends things here. Activities seem aplenty and option to lay low and take it easy is still on the table.

Taking vs. Holding Reservations

As if what happened in Long Trip Ahead #24hours wasn’t bad enough, the snowball effect continues. Just as both protagonist came to terms with losing 24 hours and all seemed to be headed back on track in the fairy-tale land of Robert and Libby, they land in sexy Argentina where the hits just keep on coming! After landing [@ 6:30 am] in Buenos Aires’ main airport (EZE) known as Ezeiz, we hop on a 1.5 hour bus ride to secondary airport to catch our final connecting flight to Punta Del Este, Uruguay. Yeeeeeaaaah well, the good people working at the air traffic control decide to welcome us with a strike– had a bad feeling when we saw the television crew camped out there. We wait 6 hours then are told about 30 minutes before departure time that flight is cancelled.

Not willing to be outdone yet again on this trip, we tap into our resourceful selves and book a ferry schedule to depart at 4 pm. Things are looking up again at this point…  We call the good people at Avis multiple times along the way to modify and ensure that our car reservation is up to date and that a car will be waiting for us at Punta Del Este airport. Damn, we are just one step ahead at this point…

One problem; it’s now 11 pm. Seinfeld knows this. “You see, [some people] know how to *take* the reservation, [they] just don’t know how to *hold* the reservation. And that’s really the most important part of the reservation: the holding. Anybody can just take them.”

Avis closed
11 pm. No one at the counter… Shit.