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Finally Made It


After a minor 48 hour setback that included one mini-riot, a 4 hour flight delay, one missed flight, an airport strike, another mini protest, 4 hours in line for a cancelled flight, a ferry ride, a 2 hour bus ride, an ignored car rental reservation and a three hour scenic drive, we are finally here in Punta Del Diablo, Uruguay!

It’s definitely a change of pace from the 2 day journey here. Peeps here in Del Diablo seem chill and laid back. The town is quaint and seaside. Weather is warm during the day and cool at night. The breeze on the other hand is cool throughout– summer just started here so the water is still very cold. Many of the street are unpaved akin to the sandy clay surface of Roland Garros courts in Paris. I don’t think the town really starts getting into it’s mojo until well in the third week of December.