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Bogota Mayor Ousting Protest

Plaza Bolivar Visit Turned Political Activism

Last day in town, so figured we’d head over to the heart of the historical area of Bogota to get a different feel for this wonderful city. Yeah… So little did we know that, earlier in the day, ousted mayor of Bogota, Gustavo Petro, was banned by Inspector- General Alejandro from holding  political office for 15 years. This is a one of the country’s leading leftist seen by many as a strong candidate for next year’s presidential election.Once there, we were greeted by hundreds of animate protesters, with whistles, signs, and passionate enthusiasm. Our dumb asses had no clue what was going on. Current events and BBC News take a back seat to other activities on one’s honeymoon. Alas I digress, see below some of of our most interesting shots of the evening.

Off to Cartagena in the morning. #sunshine #beach