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Honeymoon Tech & Brand Toolbag

online toolbag

I want to take a few brief minutes to shootout some of the web-tools and companies that have shown themselves to be super useful these past few weeks.

These guys have dummy proofed getting a multi-user, easily customizable blog up and running in a matter of minutes.

Wifi-File Explorer
No longer need to tether phone in order to immediately get your files. This app runs over your local area network and allow user to navigate, copy and delete files directly from a computer browser. Easy does it!

Google Photos
This new product was mentioned in their I/O conference earlier in May, backs up on Goolge servers (aka “the cloud”) unlimited number of photos (in “good enough” resolution for 95% of things). Mix in simple photo editing tools and handful of gimmicky features and voila!
Note: One shouldn’t depend on any single cloud backup system since the day company financial motivation no longer in line with user needs, he’ll be left in the dust.

Shout-out to telecom provider for doing away with data roaming fees. Albeit at slow 2G speeds, we had unlimited data access and text messages during entire travels around South America.

Capital One & Chase Saphire
These guys get mucho points for not charging those annoying 3% international fees for withdrawals abroad.

My smartphone!
It’s like a small computer that fits in the palm of your hands– Wait. It is a small computer that…

How To Get Six Pack

NYC crazy cab drivers have nothing on Columbians and Mexico City cab drivers. We’ve been inches from accidents, we driven backwards on highways, our drivers have made up lanes, driven on the wrong side, and gone through red lights (because you can just pay off the cops) and top that with no seat belts for back seat passengers ever.
HA well you just have to embrace it, I’ve always been scared of car accidents but at least I’m getting an ab workout, squeezing every muscle in my  stomach so I don’t scream out.

On our way to Santa Marta now 3.5 hours, a real workout 🙂

Road trip pic

Off to Bogotá

Mexico City was great! Everything was above and beyond what we could have expected. Even the airport food we are chowing down right now is  A-OK. Two big thumbs up from both of us!

This morning we got our first  brief attack of a stomach bug. But worry not. Train is back on track and all systems are go.

On to the next one.
On to the next one.

Side note… Mexico City has the most upscale Domino’s Pizza I’ve ever seen in my life!! Who knew Domino’s had it in ’em.

Chapultepec & Grasshoppers

Day 3 in Mexico city was rather straight arrow. We met up with Sasha –aka “real cool peeps aka “Libby’s old colleague”– at an Argentinian restaurant in our neighborhood and go to meet for the very first time her 1 year and one day old daughter for the first time, Sade. I didn’t take a pic= Fail.

The rest of the day was essentially broken down in 2 sections… Continue reading Chapultepec & Grasshoppers

Crazy Love in Teotihuacan

Day 2- Thursday, 12/05, was quite an eventful one. Here goes a quick summary in three major points.

1- Traffic laws in Mexico are nothing more than mere suggestion guidelines. Follow them if you feel like it.
Noel, the taxi driver we met on day 1, picked us up and dubbed as our tour guide at Teotihuacan for the rest of the afternoon. On the way there, my man bobbed and weaved through traffic like a vintage version of A.I. Red light ignored; cut off multiple trucks; reversed on freeway after missing exits (TWICE). His reasoning was simple, “In Mexico City only select police officers can write tickets and if they even bother to do so you can walk away by given them about 200 pesos.”
For all the craziness, Noel knew what he was doing and we made it out alive.

2- Teotihuacan was awesome. It’s kind of insane to think that at two opposite sites of the globe at a time with limited long distance travel and communication that civilizations worshiped gods and the unknown in similar fashion.
Aside from the architectural marvels we witnessed, it pales in comparison to the love we receive from a group of high school students on a field trip there. No clue why they gravitated toward us, but these kids were the coolest.

3- Sushi in Mexico City was good.
Seems like they have it all.

Mexico City Check In

Made it to Mexico city “sin problema” Wednesday afternoon (12/06). Upon arrival, we got stood up by the cab driver assigned by our hotel to pick us up at the airport–turns out he was running late. Didn’t they tell this guy we’re from New York, grew up in the midst of the online revolution, are on the first stop of our honeymoon and thus have the attention span of a 5 year old. ?? Fuck that. Waited 10 mins and kept it moving (guy was 45 mins late by then- *we’re not complete dicks*). Found another taxi right outside  willing to accommodate us for 30% less. Can you say “W.”

Anyone ever plan a trip to Mexico City, definitely try to stay in the neighborhood where we’re at now. They call it Colonia Condessa (Google maps). Restaurants are awesome and the people seem laid back and down to earth. For those familiar with the New York City landscape, the area is often referred to as the “Soho” of Mexico City. Long story short it doesn’t disappoint. In the midst of tree lined streets peppered with cafes and an eclectic mix of cuisines, one gets the subtle hint of an old European city within the grip of an urban juggernaut.