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Diablo- Out. Del Este- In

Doggy out

Libby snapped this perfect picture on the road.  It hits home quite well. Beat up but still trucking. Got hit, but heads still high. #Steady

Punta Del Diablo was just a little too mellow for our taste- aside from the beautiful beach, the restaurants and local available activities simply were not up to par. Since we’ve become so accustomed with this “transit” thing of late, we packed up our bags and decided to leave 2 days early to explore Punta Del Este instead. Technically, we got a spot in La Barra, the adjacent town to Punta Del Este. Word is that “that’s where things are happening.”

So far first impressions are paying off quite well. First stop on the journey back (kinda where we can from in the first place) was lunch at La Huela in the resort town of José Ignacio, Uruguay. On ambiance alone this place blew anything Punta Del Diablo had to offer right out the water. Once you bring food into the mix, it’s  a landslide. So far it looks like we’re gonna have our pick of which note to ends things here. Activities seem aplenty and option to lay low and take it easy is still on the table.