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Facial, Fractures and Chiang Mai

Foot fracture

Since, a trip abroad isn’t complete without some sort of a medical emergency, Libby decided to sprain (or fracture) her left foot this morning. The truth is we don’t know which of the two yet…

Your foot will fall asleep after a facial

Yep. You heard that right. After her one-hour facial this morning, Libby tried to stand up and immediately tumbled to the floor after losing sensation in her entire left leg. If this doesn’t make sense for you, don’t worry; it didn’t make sense for me either. That is until my wonderful wife gave me a breakdown of how a “facial” procedure actually works. It turns out that the subject typically lays on his (or her) back with both legs elevated while the visage is worked on. This position apparently is very relaxing.

Hmmm… Who knew!

Next Stop. Chiang Mai

Two more days and it’s on to the next destination. If our WhatsApp conversation is any indication, this dude we’re renting an apartment from should be very interesting.


Oh and I finally got around to uploading posts for Australia. Check’em out here.

A Good Shitty Day

Good ShittyWoke up this morning to about 28 unread messages in a just renamed “God is good” WhatsApp group. Looks like I was added in the tail end of the conversation so I couldn’t quite tell what chatter was about. A quick scroll revealed multiple messages of encouragement, a pair of pink boxing gloves with the caption “you’ll be needing these,” and a selfie from my beautiful cousin with a huge smile along with the postscript “my new wig.”

Moments later, I get a direct message.

Cuz: Did you hear my news?
Me: Just woke up… looks like I may have missed the earlier msgs.
Me: Good news or bad news? I see talk about a wig so I immediately think cancer.
Cuz: You got it. On my way to treatment.

Finding a good bakery in Bali so far has been a huge pain in the ass. I remember sometime last week while in Ubud, I picked one up with huge expectations! I had a craving and well I mean the presentation was pretty nice so naturally, I excepted good things. One word: whack.


Libby walk back into the room from her morning walk and hands me a small brown paper bag. “I found that French Bakery the guy told us about the other day.” The flakiest and most buttery croissant I’ve come across in months seamlessly dissolve in my mouth.

So Libby is a part of some travel alert newsletter from the US government and apparently “U.S. citizens should exercise vigilance when in public places… Be aware of immediate surroundings and avoid large crowds or crowed places.” Also, it turns out that Bali has a history of being a target (2002 and 2005) by extremist. Naturally, Libby keeps feeding these bits of info and reminds me that we needs to be in a Jack Bauer frame of mind. Didn’t realize I’d have to channel my inner secret agent spy powers on this trip…


This is Bali

It’s 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Libby is window shopping; I’m lying on the beach solo. The sun is gearing to set, the heat  is much less intense now. The ocean water is so warm that you don’t feel the transition from ambient air above into the crashing waves below. These moments are so perfect, that it’s sometimes so easy to lose touch with the rest of the world and fall deeper and deeper into a personal fantastic bubble. All I worry about here with my wife is breakfast, personal work project , lunch and dinner in that order. Meanwhile for the people close to me and far the world keeps moving, moments keep happening, life continues steadily in its singular direction.

Someone is on their way… Shhhh

Children have this innate, natural and consistent disposition to emerge at the most unexpected times. The culprit in this case, my cousin’s son, Bronson. Mind you, the little one’s shower was scheduled for the very next day! On the topic not abiding to other’s agendas, this marked the second time in a two week window that babies decided to crash their on showers by popping into this world ahead of schedule- shout out to Jacques for being a boss in this regard also. 🙂

Me: Why is the name of the WhatsApp group “God is good?”
Cuz: That’s the way I see everyday. Enjoy life to the fullest.
Cuz: I have faith that God is with me at every step of the way.
Me: Well, at least you have the most popular cancer so  I think that’s great.

She’s optimistic. I’m optimistic. I’ll see her soon in January. And on that note, we’re off to meet a couple for dinner that we met last week in Ubud.