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Warning About Christchurch


It’s crazy late. We hustle and barely make it onto the bus to head over to our spot. A group of of 5 kids in their mid teens look at us up and down. Massive backpacks on our rears,we’re clearly not-from-round-here.

Kid: Hey mate. Can I ask you something?
Me: Sure
Kid: Are you from the States?
Me: Yeah.
Kid: Why did you come to Christchurch? I don’t get why you are here?
Me: We’re on vacation.
Kid: Don’t stay here. There is absolutely nothing to do. You should go to Queenstown!

The kid was kind of right. Thirty six hours later, we’re out.

We out.

Disclaimer: To be fair, the city is still recovering from a major earthquake which, pardon my french, royally fucked their shit up. On the upside though,  it seems great things are on the horizon as urban developers have ambitious plan on rebuilding projects.