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Thursday Only Happens Once a Week!

– Mellow out for 2 days- Check!
– Transportation logistics for Santa Marta sorted- Check!
– Go to beach in Cartagena- PendingI blame our balcony

Libby hammock

– Rock out in Cartagena- Pending

Actually, It’s fucking Thursday and it’s the last one this week. We’re gonna “turn it up” and blast some “dirty hip hop music” to get it started (shout to Tousanna!).

Rock Out in Cartegena Pre-Game #Ahora

There is this spot called called Bazurto Social Club we’re thinking about hitting up tonight or  some Reggae joint on Calle Stuart we came across earlier. Either way this is our last chance to make today count. 

Pregame-Bobby--275 Pregame-Libby-275


Rock out in Cartegena- check!


Fish vs Man in Cartegena

As we move away from metropolises it seems that randomness is having a harder way finding us. So far here in Cartagena, by the Caribbean waters, there have been no protests or incursions by mobs of children. We wake up to the evenness of the sound of crushing waves on the shoreline. The 5 minute taxi ride downtown is panoramic made up of endless blue sea kissed by sandy beaches and scant sunbathing locals. Daily arrival downtown is medieval as we enter through Cartagena’s colonial walled city. You can’t help but feel regal once greeted by the weathered chateau-esque walls and historic gateways.


The food here is colorful and flavorful . Seafood is prevalent, and dishes Caribbean influenced. Expect rice and beans to accompany your meal (love it!) along with freshly made fruit juices. Plantains, fried or boiled, are regularly available and spicy is always an option.  The beer of choice here seem to be either Águila or Club Colombia. I vouch and like both; the flavors are clean simple and not hoppy (sorry IPA fans)– think Corona or Peroni.

Better Know Some Spanish

Sign language and tone will only take you so far. People here like the US have a very “fuck you learn the language” edge to them. The hammer in the coffin was earlier today when lady at a bus station answered a stern and confident “no” to whether or not she spoke english; the look on her face was more like “unless you say something in Spanish right now, get the fuck off this line cuz I have work to do.” These scenarios aren’t so bad as they forced us to do our due diligence with cheat sheets and Google translate. It’s clear that If the most popular tourist destination in Columbia won’t bend over to English speaking foreigners, we better brush up on our Spanish. After all, they do have home court advantage.

Rob & Lib

Cartegena & Juice Boxes

Early Start

Started the day real early today. Up @ 5:55 am. Packed, breakfast and at airport gate by 8:04 am. Flight’s at 9:34 am. One and half hour to kill in an airport waiting room (the national section of Bogota airports sucks…). Fuck! But we smile anyway.

1.5 hours to kill in no frills airport... #noBueno
1.5 hours to kill in no frills airport… #noBueno

But There’s More…

Quick flight + awesome touchdown in Cartagena and the difference is immediately palpable. The air is heavy; the heat is fierce; I’m wearing long pants which all make for a horrible combination as I get bitch slapped by an old flame of mine, Caribbean heat. Sweat pellets make their way down my face as my body tries to cool down. Meanwhile, by my side, Libby is in paradise loving every minute of this sunshine–Don’t need you no more jeans!
For all those that collectively held their breath as I tethered on the brink of what I felt were pulmonary edema symptoms, please breathe a deep sign of relief as our return to sea level has me feeling like me again.
Yoooo. We got juice boxes on the plane!!!

Taking it back old school
Taking it back old school