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Welcome to Cairns


Trinity Beach

We decided to crash in Trinity Beach, 19 km north of Cairns (12 mi- yeah we speak kilometer aka metric system now) and about 45 minutes south of Port Douglass. After considering  Port Douglas, Palm Cove and Cairns city. Our logic goes something like the following.

We wanted somewhere a bit more on the quiet side, so there goes Cairns city. High on our list of priorities were proximity to the beach, affordability, access to restaurants and a “cool” spot. Palm Cove is a poor man’s Port Douglass just like Trinity Beach is a poor man’s Palm Cove with the difference being one has more resorts than the other.

Not doing the resort thing so instead we got a town house and access to a car for a fraction of likely expenditures in Port Douglass. Win.

What’s the plan?

Unlike New Zealand, where we would essentially move from town to town every 48 hours, the plan is to slow the pace down significantly here. Cairns’ official to-do list consists of three items:
– Great Barrier Reef
– Daintree Rainforest
– Kayaking