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The Most Epic Destination Wedding Rant Ever

I will take partial blame for this unintended public disclosure. What initially started as a private What’s App forum between close male friends quickly became the preferred chat room for communication in Puerto Vallarta. Newcomers outside initial circle were added and the following sincere epic disclosure occurred:

A rant so epic that title of the What’s App forum had to be renamed to the “Public Legendary Night Committee.”


A Man’s Touch

Shout out to a group of some of the smartest women I know who, in the spirit of keeping the bride as stress-free as possible, opted to take cold showers instead of having anyone (man) look at the shower they vehemently and confidently claimed was broken.

Shout out to the man from Hong Kong who instantly found the sweet spot to solving this problem.

In the end, experience pays off.

Puerto Vallarta Pics

Thanks all for the hundreds of awesome pics you took. Some of you have resorted to posting these still moments in time on platforms other that Facebook (yay!). In the spirit of simplicity, we will include all links here on this page.

Will keep updating as they come in.

Olivier says “I got all you guys in these pictures, although it’s mostly Alfio, Steve, James and Garvin- ENJOY. Pardon all the selfies. I Love m’self”
Click me for Oli pics on Picassa

Jonathan says “It’s a rough selection with links to 360 panoramas. I’ll update with retouched pics and more. Will keep y’all posted ;)”

Binta offers her stash of “some pics of the wonderful trip in Mexico and wedding”

Professional pictures taken by our photographer Amy are finally up. She recently sent us the link:


Thank You

Dear family and friends,

Thank you all for taking the time out of your busy schedules to celebrate our special day with us.

We will try our best to post all relevant links to photos, videos and various media snippets we were able to gather over the course of the week in Puerto Vallarta. On another more personal note, we’ve decided to challenge ourselves to document our month long hiatus in South America. Check in for updates…
The memories made with you were priceless and we expect them to last a lifetime.

Libby & Robert

Thank you