Facial, Fractures and Chiang Mai

Foot fracture

Since, a trip abroad isn’t complete without some sort of a medical emergency, Libby decided to sprain (or fracture) her left foot this morning. The truth is we don’t know which of the two yet…

Your foot will fall asleep after a facial

Yep. You heard that right. After her one-hour facial this morning, Libby tried to stand up and immediately tumbled to the floor after losing sensation in her entire left leg. If this doesn’t make sense for you, don’t worry; it didn’t make sense for me either. That is until my wonderful wife gave me a breakdown of how a “facial” procedure actually works. It turns out that the subject typically lays on his (or her) back with both legs elevated while the visage is worked on. This position apparently is very relaxing.

Hmmm… Who knew!

Next Stop. Chiang Mai

Two more days and it’s on to the next destination. If our WhatsApp conversation is any indication, this dude we’re renting an apartment from should be very interesting.


Oh and I finally got around to uploading posts for Australia. Check’em out here.

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