What Did the One Kiwi Statue Say To The Other Kiwi Statue?


Hey. Iss-that-you mate?
You have to say it quickly with a New Zealand accent…

A couple of days in town and we landed on the driver who thought he was auditioning for Saturday Night Live- corny but funny enough. Sydney people are unpredictable; a dash of introverts here, a tad of extroverts there… Overall though it strikes me as a place where most people take a while to warm up to you.

During our brief stay, we managed to make a few solid memories even though, for very long stretches the weather was very uncooperative. Stumbled on a wine festival, checked out a bunch of different food spots, did happy hour a couple times, sampled oodles of local wines and checked out The Newton Festival (don’t really remember the deats but feel free to check out the link).

Newton Fest

Wait… There’s more!

Libby and an arrow

Vino Festival

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