It’s My Birthday


Woke up this morning (16 hours ahead of EST in the futuuure) to a few happy birthday emails and text messages that put a huge smile on my face. I’m not a b-day guy so at that point I was more than set to have a perfect day.

Libby comes back to apt from her morning walk and sends me off to the bedroom- apparently she has a surprise and needs to set up in the living room. Like Halloween, birthdays, to her, are sacrosanct and with that celebrations are a must. Whatever. I play along, even though I was in the middle of reading some important stuff.

Minutes pass. I come back out to a table set up with tiramisu (my favorite), a few other pastries, an open laptop screen and a lighter for me to blow out.
“Since you couldn’t be with your friends for your birthday, I decided to bring your friends to you.”

Apparently, in just over 48 hours, she managed to collect enough videos and edit them to mount the most epic thoughtful gift ever. She even recorded my reaction!!

My wife is the absolute best!
Love you guys and thank you for making me feel special!!

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