HELLO! Finally, I am blogging


libby_blogsSo I’ve procrastinated posting for a long time, to be fair I’ve been busy booking the best deals on flights, apartments, massages, restaurants and working on some projects. I think in another lifetime I would have been a killer travel agent. I love finding the best deal on airfare, thanks to credit cards/points we’ve barely spent more then $500 flying so far. And I love when we find the perfect AirBNB to stay in, which honestly 98% of the time we’ve had a 10/10 experience, with the bonus of hanging out with locals and getting to know their families and stories.

So before I start posting more, I’m going to give you a couple of caveats about my writing.
I’m going to do this super casually, so that I update more then less. I’ve tried blogging, tweeting etc before, but I also get caught up in doing it right versus just doing it, so now I’m going to just do it.

If the grammar isn’t great, if the writing isn’t good, or if I’ve offended you I’m sorry. My main goal is to start a habit of doing it, so I can not only share, but also look back and remember all the amazing things we are experiencing right now.

Expect from me:
Lists/Bullet Points
Lil realizations about travel.
Oh and if you’re bored skip on to Robert’s posts they are well written.
There you have it, no promises, but lots of action.
Let’s go.

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