Touchdown In Auckland


Fours weeks into this thing and I figure it’s due time I jot something down about what’s happened thus far. I’ll be pre-dating the posts for all the New Zealand entries, cuz I like order and I control this blog so I can pretty much do what I want (internet 101).

We’re currently in Brisbane airport (10/30/15) for a two hour layover before we head over to Cairns, Australia. I’ll start from the beginning and see how far I get before we need to hop on this plane…


We received a lot of flack for setting aside as much time as we did to explore the city. Heading into New Zealand, the South Island gets all the love (bloggers, forums and past visitors). Well we didn’t listen to any of that junk and it was 5 days well spent- keep in mind those first 24 hours are a wash after 20+ odd hours of travel time.

We stayed in Ponsonby with a young Airbnb couple (German guy and French chick). Area was the perfect spring board to venture out and explore a different area each day. City is spread out (think LA) with little to no nightlife. Nope, none, at least, that we saw. Don’t get me wrong. We didn’t leave NYC, travel half way across the world to New Zealand to hit up the clubs and party till the wee hours of the morning. But, the energy that comes from being in close proximity to such a setting would have been nice. Auckland social scene is heavily skewed after-work vibe that tapers down around 8~9 pm.

All About Nature

Mt Eden walk up

People here genuinely share a love of nature and everything outdoors. Interesting side note… City was built around a volcano now called Mt Even. Hope it’s inactive since we went up there for a stroll.

Little did we know then, though, that “scenic drive” would become the most clichéd soundbites of our stay in land of the Kiwi. Spoiler alert: we opt out of longer drives for more direct routes after day 21. Oh and did I mention that October in New Zealand is pretty darn cold?

Speaking of the weather. It is the most schizophrenic element of this place. One can literally experience all four seasons in a day. Wake up to 33 degrees, warm up to 77, get poured on, have the sun come out to finally see a sunset blanketed in cool temperature with 40 mph winds. Yeah oceanic climate apparently is the label.

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